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Look for a rewarding job to earn money every day and forever


at your pace

according to your goals

we'll help you to start and develop your own business

Choose a job that can change your life. Here you will find information and a concrete solution for job seekers who want to earn money immediately and permanently. A serious, simple, modern and profitable job opportunity and flexible, rewarding and tailored to your skills and ambitions.


You have followed the informative interview online via webinar - web Conference until the end?


If not, click here:

You cannot start without having received the important information about our company, our project and our business model. Only after you have after the informative webinar you can start.



  • registration and activation of your privileges and access to the support system
  • materials and tools for a successful start
  • basic training that will enable you to better understand all the possibilities you have
  • defining your objectives
  • definition of your personalised Action Plan
  • definition of tools
  • personalised coaching
  • action
  • analysis of results
  • improvements and strategies
  • continuous training


you will become an expert

and you will be able to earn every day and forever.


We will teach you but it is your responsibility to train, learn and take action with method and determination


It is yours life ... is your future!






I commit myself to wanting to learn this

new activity, ​ ​ I am aware that I am responsible for my results which

will depend on my

desire to learn and my daily actions.

I want to learn this new activity,

I will follow the practical advice given by my coaches,

I want to work and get results,

I want to earn money immediately, every day and forever.

and I commit myself to always do my best and improve to become an expert.

nuovojob :

We are committed to giving you all the support you need, based on our decades of experience.

We invest in our partners, we know that time is precious and we devote it to people who show their interest with facts. We always work with people who are seriously motivated for success, open to modern working and earning systems and determined to learn.

If you decide within 24 hours.... "ALL INCLUSIVE!

EXCLUSIVE for webinar participants "INFORMATIVE SESSION".

Everything you need to get started right away:


Documentation, Guide Book
Access to Training and Management websites
International Business License
Products (Formula1+ Shaker & Dispenser)

FREE personalised training... exclusive for you!

basic online training
customised training

FREE working tools... ! exclusive for you!

simple and proven tools
online tools for working from home

FREE personalised support... ! exclusive for you!

personalised coaching             

for residents in SWITZERLAND for residents in UK -USA or other countries:

  • your nationality does not count, but your current country of residence does
  • The content of the STARTER-KIT will be in accordance with local regulations.


The material you need to get started

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STARTER-KIT "Basic" or "Complete".

The difference is only the presence or absence of the product "Formula1 & Shaker".

If you want first to test the vanilla flavour product before deciding how to start your business then this is the right step.

If you want to get started right away, you have understood and trust our advice and you want to get started right away and get results right away... buy the "Basic" STARTER-KIT and follow the "QUICK-START" training to properly understand how to get started successfully.

If you are not sure and would prefer to contact me and hear my opinion and ask a few more questions, do not hesitate to contact me. CALL ME now on +4178 975 55 70 or via WhatsApp  

It will be a pleasure to advise and help you.

See you soon

Ing. Ivo Lucchini